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Personal information




Ianoș  Ioan



++40 21 2216133; ++40 21 3138410;



+40 21 313 84 10






Date of birth




Work experience


• Dates (from – to)


 October 1997 ---

• Name and address of employer


University of Bucharest , Faculty of Geography

• Type of business or sector



• Occupation or position held



• Main activities and responsibilities


Member of the Department for Economic Geography;

Courses on Urban Geography, Rural Geography, Cultural Geography and Regional Development


• Dates (from – to)


September 1996 – September 1997

• Name and address of employer


University of Bucharest

• Type of business or sector



• Occupation or position held


Associated professor

• Main activities and responsibilities


Courses on Cultural  and Urban Geography


• Dates (from – to)


 February 1996 – January 1998

• Name and address of employer



• Type of business or sector


Expertise and consultancy

• Occupation or position held


Local expert

• Main activities and responsibilities


Regional studies and analysis, co-author to the Green Paper on Regional Development Policy in România, responsible for the Alba pilot study on regional disparities, etc.


• Dates (from – to)


January 1991 – July 1991

• Name and address of employer


CNRS/Université Paris I

Equipe P.A.R.I.S.

• Type of business or sector



• Occupation or position held


Postdoctoral fellowship

• Main activities and responsibilities


Research activities on spatial analysis and urban dynamics


• Dates (from – to)


 September 1973 – September 1997

• Name and address of employer


Institute of Geography, Romanian Academy of Sciences

• Type of business or sector


Research institute

• Occupation or position held


Researcher, Head of Industrial and Tertiary Geography, Deputy Director, Head of Human Geography

• Main activities and responsibilities


Author and manager to various studies and researches in the field of regional analysis, economic development, demographic analysis, local and regional development at different geographical scales.


Education and training


• Dates (from – to)


January 1977 – December 1982

• Name and type of organisation providing education and training


University of Bucharest , Faculty of Geography

• Principal subjects/occupational

skills covered


Urban and Regional analysis, Urban Geography, Cultural Geography, Economic Geography

• Title of qualification awarded


Doctor Degree

• Level in national classification

(if appropriate)




• Dates (from – to)


September 1969 – July 1973

• Name and type of organisation providing education and training


Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj Napoca

• Principal subjects/occupational

skills covered



• Title of qualification awarded


University Degree

• Level in national classification

(if appropriate)




Personal skills

and competences

Acquired in the course of life and career but not necessarily covered by formal certificates and diplomas.


Mother tongue




Other languages



English         Russian



• Reading skills



Medium        Medium



• Writing skills



Medium         Low



• Verbal skills



Medium         Low




Social skills

and competences

Living and working with other people, in multicultural environments, in positions where communication is important and situations where teamwork is essential (for example culture and sports), etc.


·         Leadership: Nearly 27 years experience as leader with different responsibilities for research and higher education activities management; leader of more than 30 research projects financed by public and private institutions.

·         Multicultural experience: After 1990 I worked as researcher and visiting professor two times, each six month, in France. As visiting professor I was for some weeks in Sweden, Switzerland, Austria and Poland. As corresponding member and full member of the “Urban development and urban life” of International Geographical Union, I cooperate with geographers from about 25 countries, the majority from Europe. As member of the European team which worked for defining of the Regional Development Policy in Romania (1996-1998) I had many contacts with different European specialists in the field.

·         Project and co-operation experience: working in many project teams I accumulated a good cooperation experience.

·         Communication: As participant at different International seminars and conferences, I presented my own research results and I participated at the debates cover different topics connected with urban and regional fields.


Organisational skills

and competences

Coordination and administration of people, projects and budgets; at work, in voluntary work (for example culture and sports) and at home, etc.


·         Structured and well organised: demonstrated organisation skills during my activities as: scientific director of Institute of Geography of the Romanian Academy, General Director for Higher Education in the Ministry of Education and Research, Expert for Research and Higher Education at the Chamber of Deputies 

·         Organisational experience: Responsible for staff and budget management during my activities in the Institute of Geography and Ministry of Education and Research, including board meetings, negotiations with labour unions, with student associations etc. I had been leader of different scientific and management projects.

·         Board membership: I’m the Chairman of the Natural Exacts Sciences of Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education, President of the Professional Association of Romanian Geographers and Vice-president of the Romanian Geographical Society, Member of the National Council of the Romanian Register of Planners.

·         Voluntary work: I’m active in the different sport branches, as football, tourist orientation and athletics.


Technical skills

and competences

With computers, specific kinds of equipment, machinery, etc.


·         good knowledge and operation of the programs under Windows (Word, Excel, Power Point), programs for graphics (such as Corel program)



Driving licence(s)


Driving licence for car, acquired 1982







Books, atlases, maps


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